Decided and done!

After lots of thought and some staring and blinking, I have put the last line in. Can you find it? I decided to make it red. Now I must paint the edges of the canvas as it wraps around the stretcher so that it can be hung without a frame. A frame this size would be expensive and add quite a bit of weight to the piece. I will hang it in my studio, waiting for the time to introduce it to the world and meanwhile begin another piece. The ideas for the new piece are just beginning to form in my head and I just have a glimmer of them. I think that the first step will use many of the colors used i this one but they won't be applied in the geometric shapes I used in this one.  The I get enough of an idea to put paint to canvas (sometime this week, I hope) I will photo and post the first steps. 

I am pricing (if anyone wants a large painting) by the inch and this one works out to be $945.00. Shipping would have to be added to that but something could be worked out.

I hope that your week is filled with unexpectedly beautiful moments.