Developing a "studio practice"

I am working on spending time in the studio every day in order to get better at painting The only way to improve is to practice, as you know, and you can't practice painting while you are reading or even cleaning house! Therefore, I "go to work" everyday for several hours. I enjoy painting so much that it seems strange to call it work, but it truly is. At the end of two or three hours I am tired-I have been thinking and working things out for about as long as I can without a rest. Sometimes I go back in the evening, but I think that will happen more when the weather is better and the days are longer. 

I am working on abstracts right now. In some ways they are harder than painting from objects or landscapes and in some ways they are easier. Many abstracts are painted but not all of them are good and I want to become someone whose paintings are good -all of them.

Let me know what you think and if you would like to receive an e-mail about the paintings and the stages they go through, please comment on this and send your email address. I won't send you anything unless I have your permission to put you on the list. Your friends are welcome to add their names also if they are interested in painting. 

Here is a picture of my pallet today. I had already cleaned it off once.