The Alley in the Sunshine


s you can see, painting a subject is not the same as photographing it - it is the attempt of the painter to catch what made the subject attractive to them. In this case it was the blue sky, the yellow stripe and the white building. After studying the photograph, making a value sketch and a notan(black and white only), I was ready to begin painting. I try to start at the top and on the background so the lovely blue sky was the first thing I painted. The lines of the buildings are important to try to give some feeling of depth, so I sketched in the roof lines and the lines of the pavement. Then, breaking my own rules, I just had to get the yellow stripe in!

The benches, and they are all over town and in nearly every painting of the town, are difficult for me to get properly so that it appears as if someone could sit on them and this one took some fiddling before I felt that it was finished. You can see from the photo that there are many other wires, boxes, etc., in the alley, but they aren't important to what I wanted to tell you so they were left out. I am not a photorealistic painter - my paintings are realistic, but only to a degree. 

Come to Cleveland and go to Second Street and Ocoee, look for this alley, and if it is a sunny day, you might feel a sense of dejà vue.