Now the Green Grass Rises

This is a field between my house and my daughter's house that I photographed on one trip or another and have looked at many time, trying to decide whether or not to paint it. Yesterday I had a 30"square canvas all prepared and ready so I decided to give it a whirl. 

I started by drawing a line across the canvas, making sure that I did not accidentally put it right square in the center, then I began with the tree trunk on the right. i was painting with a brush. As I began adding leaves I went from brush to painting knife, quickly and rather thickly applying paint, loading the knife with several greens at once, just enjoying putting paint to canvas. 

Adding the blue for the sky required some concentration and it might need some touch-up, but for right now Hurricane Nate has blocked access to the studio as the path is a mud wallow. The foreground was the last area to be added  and it was done! 

I like the energy in this painting - more evident in person than in this image, and the look it has of some paintings from the early part of the 20th century. I hope that you like it also.