Spring Will Come 12"x12" Oil on panel.



.All my life I wanted to draw and paint but I was discouraged from doing so. Finally, in my older years, I can do whatever I want  - and I want to paint and draw . I have been studying, first in some CE classes (the drawing class at the High Museum in Atlanta was very good) and later taking online and in person classes with first with Mary Gilkerson, a fantastic painter who taught painting at a college in Columbia SC for much of her career and now with Pamela Caughey who does fantastic abstracts. I will be taking a class with Anne Blair Brown, who is a modern impressionist near Nashville, in a few weeks (January 2019) and look forward to that. 

Because I am interested in so many things I have many subjects for my paintings. I am often caught by the play of light on an object or scene and light plays on everything - produce, alleys, streets, fields, the mountains, in the house - all of it. I also find abstraction fascinating whether it is abstracting an object to it basics or just using colors and shapes to make a never-before seen picture. 

I hope that you enjoy seeing my paintings. There are more of them and there will be even more.  If you find that you would like to have one, just let me know. Contact me at Cberk@carolineberk.com.